Optimization of room acoustics


Due to modern interior design, clear lines, large areas, sporadic furnishing and many other factors, the room acoustics suffers enormously. By dispensing with carpets, fabric furniture and other "sound breakers" noise and reverberation can spread unimpeded in the room and are not swallowed by the smooth surfaces, but reflected. As a result, small "echoes" that we unconsciously perceive as disturbing are created during conversations between two people.

Your HiFi system sounds strange, evening blockbusters are exhausting, and the family celebration is even louder than usual?

With an acoustic room optimization these problems can be countered with simple means.

As part of its product range, Clipso offers acoustically effective solutions. There are no limits to the design, here too. Acoustically effective fabric as well as the translucent or classic types of fabric can be printed with your desired motif.

Examples of Clipso – Acoustics