Optimization of the room lighting


Proper lighting plays an enormous role in space perception. Unfortunately, it is usually not just done to install a lamp in the room. When choosing the right lighting solution, there are many factors that determine the design of the room.
In the best case, the lighting and the associated optimization of the spatial perception is planned in advance.
Even during renovation work, it is advisable to think in advance about the correct installation; just turn on the lights in the dark and look: where is it maybe too dark? Where is it too bright? Is the light color pleasant?
Of course, our consultants will also help you to choose the right lighting technology.


Which factors are relevant to the room lighting?


  • Which room is it?
    A kitchen and a workshop require quite different lighting solutions than a living room, where a cozy warm light is usually the best solution.
  • How big is the room, how high is the ceiling?
    A high ceiling requires slightly stronger bulbs, in large rooms more bulbs are needed than in smaller rooms.
  • Do I want to create ambience or work?
    A beautiful ambient lighting can be a surrounding backlighting of a shadow gap or a spotlighting of the photos on the wall. For a workspace the conversion of daylight is highly recommended.

With a wide range of products and solutions for lighting technology, we are able to implement almost any requirement for the perfect lighting in your rooms.

Examples of lighting technology