Usually most attention is paid to the furnishings, flooring and wall design. However, the ceiling design is at least just as important in rooms such as your living room to be able to really feel completely comfortable.

Find out here how to choose the right ceiling design for your rooms and how to create a successful room ambience.


Which option of ceiling design do we offer?


The design of a ceiling is often carelessly treated: usually kept in plain white, it fits only moderately in the interior design. The modern ceiling design can contribute extremely to give your room a certain kick. Especially in rooms where you often stay - as in the living room and bedroom - you want to create a moody ambience. In the field of ceiling design, there are many possibilities and ideas to create an individual sense of space.


Stretch Ceiling:


Stretch ceilings are suitable for modern living rooms, for example, and these are clamped down under the original ceiling in an innovative strip system. Clipso fabric stretch ceilings can be acoustically effective and backlit in various designs, printed with your desired motif. Lacquered ceilings are available in a glossy or matt appearance.




For a pleasant ceiling design also the right concept for the lighting has to be found. For example, modern recessed lighting is a nice option for imitating a starry sky in the bedroom. There is also the possibility of an impressing illuminated ceiling. Here, either in a certain ceiling section or over the entire ceiling surface, a fabric is tensioned, which is backed by modern LED technology. Even printed ceilings with your personal pictures or patterns provide great effects and create, for example, a living room full of light or a workplace without shadows.


Classic decor elements:

In addition to these ideas for a successful ceiling design, the classic options come into question; like stucco, ceiling painting, ceiling panels or roof beams.


What is the ceiling design?


The room size defines the ceiling design:

With intelligent selected effects, the room size can be optically enlarged. Thus, transverse patterns and bright colors on the ceiling can help to enlarge a small and narrow living room. The large and spacious living room, is visually smaller and more comfortable with dark ceiling colors.

Your style of decor should determine the style of the ceiling decoration:

The living room in country style usually fits no modern ceiling design with futuristic lights. Both components should be designed in a consistent style.

Match the color concept of the living room with the color choice of the facility:

In a living room with subdued colors, the ceiling is distracting in bold colors. A uniform color concept is the heart of the interior design.

Eye-catching decorations are only used when the other interior is rather simple:

If, for example, many decorative objects are placed in your room, the stucco ceiling could overload the room. Here it is important to find a balance.

Lighting conditions in the room are an important design criterion: the impressive ceiling picture in the living room does not stand out, if it is a dark room with little daylight. In such cases ideas for lighting concepts are requested.

Your living room should score with a great blanket? You want a starry sky in the bedroom? Find modern, unusual ideas for the design of your ceiling here, let yourself be inspired - or simply request a consultation appointment.

The room height acts in the old-fashioned living room very low due to the ceiling beams ...

The same room, the same wall ... with a modern one

Wall design and a simple stretch ceiling wins the living room clearly to atmosphere.