Walls in pure white, wallpaper in vintage look, painted or plastered, wall design with photo motifs, brick, wood, with color, without color ... Furniture and a matching wall design belong to each other to provide a balanced atmosphere. The possibilities for a custom wall design in your home are almost endless.

Which kinds of wall design do we offer? 
stretch-walls / wall paints - plasters / wallpaper / tiles etc...


Ideally, the colors and patterns used for your wall design are chosen first. Based on this, the ideas for the further furnishings can then be harmonized to create a harmonious sense of space. This will avoid the problem that finally something doesn’t look good. In addition, for example small rooms can be visually enlarged by a clever choice of wall colors to create a generous space.

Also, decorative elements on the walls contribute to a successful wall design. Canvas paintings, photographs or mosaics are ideas that add character to the room. With photo wallpapers, for example, you can get picturesque landscapes or the view of your favorite city in the apartment. Combining the walls with sophisticated lighting gives the room the desired flair.

Would you like to give your rooms a new look?

We would like to inform you which techniques are currently en vogue. Ever heard of the metal effect technique? Color Blocking? Or the trendy color gradient?

Let us give you some advice ...