Stretch-coverings for walls

What is a stretch- wall?


Invisible profiled strips are placed around the wall surface to be processed, in which the exclusive Clipso fabric is clamped at a distance of at least one centimeter to the existing wall.

The fabric thus has no contact with the original wall surface.


Why a stretched wall?


Flawless surfaces


Clipsos natural ability to create a flawless surface thanks to the stretched fabric, is virtually impossible to achieve with a classic wall finishing.


Your advantage: we are fast!


It is sufficient to clear the walls - during the assembly, almost no dirt will be created.  The clamping wall can generally be completed within a day. There is usually no need to pre-treat the walls. The wallpaper or the wood panels can get stuck and the Clipso fabric is simply stretched in front of it. Thus, it is possible that a performance with Clipso is much cheaper and, above all, more practical, than an implementation with a classic wall finishing. Clipso fabric is available in many colors by itself.


Innovative - Can be combined with lighting technology


Translucent fabric, combined with the appropriate lighting technology makes it possible to backlit your walls.- This option is appropriate especially in order to effectively highlight a mural.


Improving the acoustics in the room


Acoustically effective fabric in combination with a corresponding acoustic fleece makes it possible to reduce the reverberation time in your rooms and thus to optimize your room acoustics. So even a modernly equipped room, with many surfaces and only a few sound-absorbing elements, can also become an acoustic oasis of well-being with the help of Clipso sound.


Printing Service - Clipso fabric printed with your desired motif


A photo or design cover? No problem - with Clipso all designs can be implemented. And that seamlessly with a maximum of 4.97 meters ceiling height and sheer endless room length. Each Clipso fabric can be printed individually, including the acoustically effective and translucent fabric.

Examples of stretch walls with Clipso