The CLIPSO-Stretch-ceiling...

The CLIPSO fabric coverings are a real all-rounder, providing a virtually flawless ceiling surface with no butt joints and a room width of up to 5.10 meters. Clamping panels from CLISPO can be installed quickly and with virtually no dirt development (except for the drilling dust when installing the substructures) in every imaginable space.


As a special additional benefit, fabric coverings can even be individually printed, used as a light installation or even implemented acoustically effective.


In contrast to the known PVC lacquer cover, it is not necessary for a fabric cover to bring the room temperature to 65 ° during installation in order to install the cover.


The only real disadvantage of a ceiling cladding with tension fabric is the fact that you can not change lamps, recessed spotlights and other ceiling elements later.


CLIPSO fabric coverings are available in many different colors and qualities, here are four of the most common variations in comparison.

0001 Blanc optique

1001 Beige

0002 Blanc classique

9999 Noir